Main (About Us)

Welcome to Professional Rescue Team "1-Rescue Service"!

We provide urgent and high-quality care to all who got into difficult situations. Our experienced team is ready to start any rescue operation in Russia and European Union. Availability of modern machinery, equipment, and most importantly, the highest level of professional staff allow us to take decisive and effective action even in the most unusual circumstances. We offer:

  • rescue operations in water;
  • search and rescue;
  • diving operations;
  • security of events;
  • search and recovery of sunken wrecks;
  • complex evacuation services, and so on.

We work on the land and waters, eliminating the consequences of various accidents - from the failure of a small pleasure boat to crash of a roomy cargo ship.  Organization of rescue operations on water or search activities by "1-Rescue Service" is highly professional. We do our best to help people in distress.

It’s Easier to Prevent the Problem

Film studios, municipalities, organizers of various festivals and other organizations often request "1-Rescue Service" to ensure the safety of their activities. Hundreds or even thousands of guests at your festivities will be under the protection of professionals, not for a moment they will lose control during the event and will instantly be ready to resolve any conflict or eliminate any emergency.

We Follow All Technological Innovations

Professionals of "1-Rescue Service" often have to deal with expensive modern technology pieces - yachts, cars, ATVs and personal watercraft, so they have to improve their skills and abilities, including at the foreign institutions. Progressive professional training for its employees is one of the main principles of "1-Rescue Service" that allow it to confidently meet the increasingly complex challenges and tasks.